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Man and Van Removals: Perfect for Students

Student relocations are a world apart from property moves taken on in later life. As a student, you aren’t as emotionally or financially committed to your home, nor is packing and moving everything else out as stressful as it is when you’re are moving from one house to another in the adult world. Whereas someone would probably hire a removal firm to care of all of their removal needs, a student has no need for such a service; removal firms are expensive and provide a hands on service, none of which a typical student wants or needs. As students move from halls of residence to a house-share, a Man with a Van service could take care all of your relocation needs.

Man and Van services are, for starters, considerably cheaper than hiring out a removal firm. A removal firm will charge you up to and beyond £200 for their services – what the actual fee is will depend on where you’re moving from and to, and how much stuff you have to shift. A Man with a Van service, however, will charge you roughly £25 an hour for the use of one man and one 3.5 tonne van. This fee will vary depending where you are in the country, but either way it is considerably cheaper than hiring out a removal firm service. If you think can move all of your things in under an hour, transporting everything from your soon-to-be former property to your new one could only cost you £25 – that is positively a bargain!

Moreover, as student move-out/move-in day is well known to all the Man and Van services operating in your area, you can often get discounts on their services. This could be anywhere up to 20% off the hourly rate. As there are multiple Man and Van services operating in any given area of the country, they are forced to compete for business on busy days (such as move-out/move-in day for students), and the end result of this is that the savings are passed on to you.

If you are student and you are moving into your first house-share, the chances are is that you will be moving from halls of residence. Moreover, you are most likely to be moving into a house-share with your friends from said halls. If you can convince them to also use a Man and Van service, it could be even cheaper for you! If you can, for example, convince to other people to use a Man and Van service with you, and you can transport everything in under an hour, then moving home could cost you as little as £8 – taxis home on a night-out cost more than this!

Although Man and Van vehicles are generally a lot smaller than the ones removal firms use (Man and Van use 3.5 tonners, whereas removal firms tend to use big 7.5 ones), you and two of your student mates should be able to fit everything they own into the back of a 3.5 tonne van. As most student properties come fully furnished, you don’t have to worry about transporting any furniture, meaning all the transport space can be used for computers, desks, mini-fridges and whatever else you may have. There should be no problem fitting the contents of three students into one transit van. You could even maybe accommodate the needs of another 2 people!

Just remember in order to make it as cheap as possible you have to be as quick as possible. Quickness is greatly improved if a little preparation (I.e. packing) takes place first.

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