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Furniture Removals In London Made Simple

The process of relocation can cause a lot of stress. Families are always apprehensive about the changes that removals in London can entail. Cost is just one of the headaches that will inevitably have to be taken into account. Cheaper options might not be the safest options. No-one should choose a removal company without first doing some thorough homework; a moving checklist will help keep things organised and focused on the essentials of moving and storage.

1.    It is not always possible to move out of your old home and straight into the new one. If the moving schedules do not match up, you may need to use a company that can handle both removals and storage. It is vital that your goods will be stored safely and that they are covered by insurance whilst in storage and in transit.

2.    Some storage facilities will provide all necessary packaging. This might prove to be a cheaper option than obtaining boxes and padding from a moving company. Most storage companies charge a daily rate per square metre, so try to avoid booking more space than is essential.

3.    If you have to leave your old home before the new one is free for you to move into, remember that you, your family and your pets will also need somewhere suitable to stay in the interim period. Sometimes family and friends will be able to put you up. In other circumstances, you might need to book into an hotel and/or arrange kennels for your animals. Remember to use the internet to find the best value available and to check references.

4.    Keep referring back to your checklist to make sure nothing is overlooked in the stressful moving process. Try to arrange the list ion a chronological order, so that you can tick off the relevant boxes as you go. Bear in mind that it is likely that something can go wrong with even the best plans, so leave some spare time in your schedule to put right any problems that crop up. This can be something as simple as the removal van getting stuck in traffic.

5.    Research can determine if it could be cheaper to use a man and van operation to achieve your removals. One man making several trips in his van could work out to cost less than larger companies advertising removals in London. Before opting for this kind of service, always be sure of exactly how much assistance a one-man-band operation will require from you when it comes to packing, lifting, loading and unloading your belongings.

6.    Parking fees and the congestion charge are further expenses that need to be factored in by any company carrying out removals. It is wise to confer with whichever removal service you choose to ensure that they are aware of any parking restrictions that might be in force at both locations. Adequate access to both properties should also be discussed prior to the day that your move from your old house to the new one takes place.

England’s capital city has specific pros and cons when you need to relocate your home or business there. One major plus is the diversity of furniture stores, thrift and charity shops on hand. This could make it cheaper and easier to equip your new property without transporting your old possessions. Heavy traffic, the congestion charge, Red Routes, loading/unloading regulations and the Low Emissions Zone that apply in the city are the other side of the equation.

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