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5 Advantages of Hiring a Canary Wharf Removal Service

When it comes to physically transporting everything you own from your soon-to-be old property to another, the most common service to use is a removal service. Although there are other services out there – such as E14 Man and Van services and vehicle self-drive – removal companies still remain the most popular. Here are a few reasons why that is the case:

1)    They are professional
Removal companies Canary Wharf make their money out of loading, driving, and then unloading again. They do this every working day for years. It is no surprise to find out, then, that removal company employees are professional and pride themselves on providing a great and reliable service. They will have knowledge that the rest of us don’t have when it comes to loading a van properly and moving furniture through narrow door frames and corridors that take snide right-angles. You don’t move sofas upstairs for twenty-years without learning a few tricks or two.

2)    It means you don’t have to do it
Look around you; look at everything that will have to be loaded on the van. All your clothes, your TV, your sofa, kitchen appliances etc.; moving all that into the street and then into a van sounds like no fun at all. Hiring a removal company Canary Wharf will mean that you won’t have to do any of it. Removal men will come in, clear your home into the van, and then unload it all into your new home. All you have to do is answer the door and be sure to offer them tea regularly.

3)    It could mean you don’t even have to pack!
If you thought transporting everything out in the street and then into the van was a hassle, well then consider the task of packing. You have to organise everything neatly, make sure everything is clean so that you don’t transport dirt into your new home. My word what a boring task that sounds like. Luckily for you, most removal companies will provide a packing service if you need it. If you hire a packing service and removal service, then moving house will be a walk in the park, albeit a much more expensive walk in the park than you’re probably use to. Removal companies will offer a variety of services which, when all used in tandem, will mean the whole move will done for you.

4)    They insure your items against damages caused during the move
It will come as no surprise to learn that yes, property is often damaged during the move. There is so much of it to move, it is impossible to ensure the aesthetic and functional safety of all your possessions. Even if you have home insurance, most policies will not cover any damages occurred during the moves. However, good professional removal companies will offer you an insurance policy to ensure that if they do break anything, you will be compensated adequately.

5)    You won’t have to do the driving.
If you are moving from one reasonably sized property to another, you will most likely need a van bigger than 3.5 tonnes to fit all of your items in the vehicle at once. You could hire out a 7.5 tonne sized van from a vehicle self-drive service, but then you will have to drive it. These are huge, powerful vans that are enormously different from driving a standard 3-or-5 door car. To drive one you need a certain level of confidence in your driving ability. If you don’t have that, then leave it the professionals: a Canary Wharf moving company will provide a 7.5 tonne on request and they will, needless to say, do all the driving for you.

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