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Choosing the right Removal company

When you are moving house, there are so many things to worry about that sometimes you just want to forget it all and let someone else do all the work. Luckily enough for you, that’s exactly what most people do. Well, sort of. Choosing the right removal company will half your workload and will mean that you are in the capable hands of a set of experienced and well trained individuals. Choose the wrong one and you may have an issue of laziness, tardiness and incompetence on your hands, so the research is well worth the effort. The only way to make sure that you get the right crew for you is to do the homework, but you can put down your trigonometry set, this homework is as easy as clicking a button.

Start by looking up a handful of removals companies from your area, either online or in the local ads if you are feeling particularly old school. Keeping your company local will make initial contact easier and it will also mean that your team will be able to arrive at your house early on the day of the move, which should mean that you are traveling at the right time of day to avoid the traffic. Once you have selected a few that are capable of performing your move, have a look at some independent online review sites, where past customers give their opinions on the quality and performances of the companies that they have used. Each customer will give a rating out of five or ten, and then fill in a few lines about their experiences. This means that you can immediately get an idea of the best of the bunch, and then have a read of that which makes them worth the cost, or perhaps what to look out for. Be aware of over the top reviews, as they may be fake, you want consistently good solid comments, that belie a sense of continuous quality. There is no use in using a company that has good days and bad ones, as you do not want to gamble on something as important as your move. Be aware that you should probably avoid a company that has no reviews, as they are likely very new, and may have issues with getting things going, again, not something worth risking.

Once you feel like you know who you want to use, based on the opinions of the reviews, you can go back to the companies and get some quotes in. While you want a low price, you should not sacrifice dependency for low costs. That said, you may find that you can get the price down if you know what you’re talking about when arranging the quote. Knowing what you need in terms of van size and man power will hopefully avoid anyone trying to swindle you in to paying for more staff or anything of the like. Be careful not to try and blag anything that you are not well versed in however, as you may find that you no longer have anyone on the other end of the phone line, the last thing you want to do is annoy everyone!

When you have your company selected, you can get planning the actual move. Be strong on your ideas for how it should go, and make sure that the team of removers have everything that they need, including a plan of the house with instructions as to where larger items of furniture should go.

Good Luck!

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