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Organising and planning as much as you can in advance of your relocation will help make moving day much less stressful, and relocating to your new home can be something you look forward to and enjoy rather than panic about. There are a few useful ways to approach planning your move, which are covered below.

Making a schedule

As soon as your moving date is confirmed, then you should make a schedule immediately. Most of your scheduling will be packing, but you should also include things like getting pets checked up at the vets, booking and researching potential moving companies Acton, and looking into any other services you might require, as well as getting packing materials, and so forth.

Setting a budget

How exact you want the budget is really down to personal preference, but it can be useful to give yourself a rough figure at the very least. It can be useful to gather some estimates at this stage, form any potential Acton moving services you are going to need, so you can have a fair idea of what you will be expected to pay. Try to be realistic and stick to your budget as much as possible to avoid overspending. It can also be helpful to give yourself some emergency funds, in case anything goes wrong during the move. This way, at least you won’t be caught out.

Clearing out what you don’t need

Getting rid or selling any old items you have hidden away in the attic or garage can not only mean that you will have less space requirements when moving, which could potentially save you some money, but could also make money that you can put towards your moving costs or emergency budget. If you want to sell items quickly, then eBay or other online sites are often a good choice, but you might also consider putting adverts up in your local shop or setting up stall at a local car boot sale and so on.

Staggering your packing

Once you have your schedule drawn up, then you can actually start packing a few months in advance. Try to set yourself a small amount of packing related tasks to be done each day, whether clearing out a room or starting on some of the less used items in the house. Ideally, you should begin packing things that are very rarely used in day to day life, and work your way towards the everyday essentials as moving day approaches. This will ensure that you will have the majority of your Acton packing done and dusted by the time you have to move, so won’t have to worry about any last minute panic packing.

Organising your packing

Another advantage of packing gradually well in advance, is that you can take the time to pack properly, and also organise your packing. This will make the unpacking in

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